Has Washington got China fever?

Has Washington got China fever?

Asia AI News 22 July 2019 – The craziness and speculation surrounding the ‘AI race’, U.S. China trade war and U.S. technology security concerns shows no signs of letting up. So far, a relative few are intent on portraying China as the ’new yellow peril’ or the ’new reds’, but anti-China sentiment is spreading fast and crossing political party boundaries. The lines between U.S. trade policy, security policy, AI race imperatives and defence concerns also seem to be becoming a bit blurry!

Read about ‘China fever’, top Asia AI investments of June 2019, airport AI chatbots and the development of China’s Xiong’an New Area into a smart metropolis in today’s Asia AI News.

Startups, investment firms and other organisations featured in today’s newsletter:

Active.ai (Singapore)
Bespoke (Japan)
C&R Wise AI (Hong Kong)
Clustar.ai (China)
Darktrace (South Korea)
Enflame Tech (India)
RSVP.ai (China/Canada)
SwitchOn (India)
Wysa (India)
Yellow Messenger (India)

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