Is Google really helping China’s military?

Peter Thiel's New York Times Opinion piece

Asia AI News 3 August 2019 –  PayPal co-founder and tech billionaire Peter Thiel published an opinion piece in the New York Times at the end of the week – ‘Good for Google, Bad for America’ – in a follow-up to his Washington DC speech a couple of weeks ago, during which he called for a probe into Google’s ‘seemingly treasonous acts’.

So, is Google really helping China’s military establishment, directly or indirectly? Or is this just more China scaremongering in support of the Trump administration’s trade war?

We don’t have the answers, but since everyone else is speculating, why don’t you read more in Asia AI News? You’ll also find a lot of other news, opinion and AI stories from around Asia Pacific.

Startups, investment firms and other organisations featured in today’s newsletter:

  • Advance .ai (Singapore)
  • Bytedance (China)
  • Center for China and Globalization (China)
  • CyCraft (Taiwan)
  • Digital Economy Promotion Industry – DEPA (Thailand)
  • Hebei University of International Studies (China)
  • Huawei (China)
  • Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation -MDEC (Malaysia)
  • Mate Labs (India)
  • Mathpresso (Japan)
  • Ministry of Education (China)
  • NIRAMAI Health Analytix (India)
  • OncoStem Diagnostics (India)
  • Optrascan (India)
  • Persistent Systems (India)
  • Robot Maker (Thailand)
  • SEC (Thailand)
  • The Scripps Research Institute (USA)
  • Wadhwani AI. (India)

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